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Water Solutions

Water Solutions

We use the latest water solutions technology to protect your cooling towers, chillers and boiler systems

Your buildings cooling and heating systems can represent as much as 75% of your gas and electrical cost. The efficiency of your systems is directly related to how clean your heat exchange surfaces are kept. Scale growth and corrosion will drastically decrease the efficiency. We offer water solutions that can:

  • Keep scale and corrosion growth under control
  • Reduce or eliminate existing scale growth
  • Protect the surfaces of piping, heat exchanger and other equipment
  • Reduce the effects of corrosion

Legionella disease has become a real concern of property owners. Legionella grows often in building water systems and can aerosol or leak easily to its surroundings. We offer solutions to this issue that can:

  • Keep micro bacterial growth in check
  • Mitigate or eliminate micro bacterial growth
  • Disinfect the entire water system

So stop wasting energy dollars and putting yourself at risk, and have one of our Water Solution expert’s help you assess your situation and implement solutions to put you at ease.