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Our Beliefs

Our Aspiration

We aspire to be the most respected mechanical construction, building services, and industrial refrigeration provider in our markets. We will respect and take care of each other and our customers, work hard, stay safe, have fun, grow revenues and earn a reasonable profit by living our Core Beliefs.

Our Core Beliefs:  Care is at the foundation of our beliefs.  We demonstrate care through our commitment to:

SafetyWe look out for ourselves and each other. 
I have the courage to make safe, smart choices every day. I care for myself and others and speak out when something isn’t right.


PeopleOur people and the values we share define our company and set us apart from our competitors.
I act with integrity, passion, respect, and high standards of quality and ethics.  I honor my commitments and am accountable for my actions and decisions. I seek ways to better myself, my team and my company. I treat people the way I hope to be treated.


CustomersOur customer relationships are built upon the solutions we provide, the manner in which we deliver, and the journey we create. 
My daily actions influence our customer relationships. I am responsible for creating a positive customer experience.



Collaboration:  We build trust and create the best solutions through the collective efforts of our team members, customers, and suppliers.

I collaborate with others to ensure both internal and external customer needs are understood and their goals are achieved.


CommunityWe are connected to the communities we serve.
My community is a better place to live because of my actions. I donate my time and volunteer my talents, energy, and resources to strengthen my community.


Environment: We are stewards of our environment.
I find ways to reduce energy use and help our customers reach their sustainable goals. I challenge myself to protect our environment and to be conscious of its welfare.